The New Plan B

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Alright then. If you read my previous posting, you’ve been expecting this entry…

I won’t revisit all of my antenna/QTH woes, so suffice it to say that I’ve been very silent because I can’t find an antenna solution that works for me.

I can access 6 Meters and 2 Meters, sort of, but all the other bands are mostly dead to me.

I’ve decided on a work-around until I find a decent antenna solution… drum roll, please…

My solution is to use some of the remote DX solutions available through the internet (hence this site’s new DX Calculator).

I haven’t yet subscribed to the service offered by Remote Ham Radio because I hate parting with money, but I imagine I will do so within the next day or two. It’s definitely not the cheapest way to do things but I at least know it’s available if/when I need it.

I sweetened my deal by purchasing my new Birthday present (it’s okay, the day is imminent), an Elecraft K3 Remote System! It wasn’t a required investment but if I am ‘pretending’ to be a Ham, I want to look/feel the part! Also, I foresee the day when I will want to purchase a K3 to go with the antenna I find that really works, so the K3/0 Mini will be a worthwhile investment.

I just love how I can justify myself!

The K3 Remote arrived yesterday, I’ve been installing various software, over the past few days, on a new PC laptop I bought a while back and I’ll be nominating this PC as my ‘Ham machine’. I should explain that a personality quirk of mine insists I, more or less, single-purpose my computing machinery – I have a music machine I use for composing music, a work-machine I use for my day job, a general-purpose-machine I use for personal web work and program development, and so on.

So, today I know what I’ll be doing… reading K3 manuals and having a bit of a play on the free remote DX solutions and get some practice in before I start shelling out some bucks for the RemoteHamRadio service.

Wish me luck!