Where’s Waldo?

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You’ve probably been thinking that I totally abandoned this site, so let me tell you what’s been happening… I went quiet because:

  1. I forget I had/have this site.
  2. We got a puppy.

I forget I had/have this site

This is not unusual for me. As a matter of fact, it’s been so long since I added a posting, when I went to look for this site on the web, it was nowhere to be found!

You see… I had forgotten that I terminated my web hosting account about a year ago so, just yesterday, I uploaded this site to a different hosting provider that I use for other things. Hence, I’m back on line.

We got a puppy

He’s a cute little thing (he’s two years old but still a puppy), but as a tiny puppy, he liked chewing…

Sadly, for me, one of the things he liked chewing on were electrical cables and more importantly, Ham cables!

The first cables to go were my antenna feed cables. C’mon dog, I barely get a signal as it is…

Since my antennas were next to worthless anyway, I decided to not fret about things and not even attempt to replace them.

To catch up with my current battle plan, check out the next posting…