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The New Plan B

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Alright then. If you read my previous posting, you’ve been expecting this entry… I won’t revisit all of my antenna/QTH woes, so suffice it to say that I’ve been very silent because I can’t find an antenna solution that works for me. I can access 6 Meters and 2 Meters, sort of, but all the other bands are mostly dead to me. I’ve decided on a work-around until I find a decent antenna solution… drum roll, please… My solution is to use some of the remote DX solutions available through more
Sep.10 ’19

Where’s Waldo?

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You’ve probably been thinking that I totally abandoned this site, so let me tell you what’s been happening… I went quiet because: I forget I had/have this site. We got a puppy. I forget I had/have this site This is not unusual for me. As a matter of fact, it’s been so long since I added a posting, when I went to look for this site on the web, it was nowhere to be found! You see… I had forgotten that I terminated my web hosting account about a year more
Sep.07 ’19