New Name, New Hopes, New Dreams

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As you can tell from the home page, KJ6SJO has a new name!

It’s AI6XB!!

Talk about the longest day… that was probably the longest two weeks in my life (apart from the cruise to home after a 6+ month WestPac).

It took exactly 2 weeks from passing my Amateur Extra exam to the FCC notifying me of my new callsign.

Now I am in a flurry of activity to finish my QSL design, update this site’s favicon and update all web locations that know me as KJ6SJO (hope I don’t forget anyone/any site)

Ooooh… I musn’t forget… now that the ARRL has published an update to their Graphical Frequency Bands Chart to include our new 2,200 and 630 Meter bands (Yahoo!), I need to update my Band Plans page!