The Trials and Tribulations of Success

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It’s time to let the cat out of the bag!

I had posted a to-do list earlier and it seems I’ve been keeping a secret…

About a day after I wrote that list, I decided that the end of June was too long to wait to take the Amateur Extra exam and that I could theoretically prepare myself in a much shorter time-frame.

So that is actually what I’ve been up to for the last 2 weeks… Studying, and studying and then studying. About two hours ago, I went to take the test.

It seems now that I have created a rod for my own back!

I recently re-designed my QSL card to make it brighter and was going to send it off to the printer this weekend (I’ll post it when its complete). After having passed the Amateur Extra examination, one of the VE’s asked me if I wanted to request a new call sign. I answered, hesitantly, ‘What the heck… why not?’ A 1X2 or 2X2 call sign would be wonderful to have, but, sadly, they don’t do those anymore unless you go Vanity, so now I am in the FCC lottery of hoping for a ‘nice, user-friendly’ call sign.

But… because my call sign is about to change, I have to hold off sending my QSL design to the printer until I find out what my new call sign will be!

I suppose I will also need to create a new DNS for this web site too (and my email address and eegads of other places where I use my call sign).

The good news, other than being a full fledged Amateur Extra, is that now I get to cross two items off my to-do list! — Studying for the exam and registering as a Volunteer Examiner! After my test results were known, the VEs asked me if I wanted to sign up to be a VE myself. Since I was planning on that anyway, I took the opportunity then and there to help our the Ham community! After all, if it wasn’t for the VEs and their willingness to sit and wait for examinees to take their tests (and in the case of the Novice exam, administer my CW test), I never would have been able to be a Novice, Technician, General or Extra class Amateur!

I’m off now to celebrate by crossing-out those two items in my to-do list.

73 from a Happy Camper or should that be ‘Happy DXer’?