TMI (Too Much Information)

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It was the best of intentions. It was the worst of intentions…

The other day, I was watching a YouTube video where a Ham was erecting an antenna. He was very thorough in his plans and in the video, he even showed his pad of paper where he calculated the correct the correct placement for his guy wires based on height of placement, wind-load factor, distance from the mast, etc.

Sheesh! I had never even considered the effect of the wind on a mast – huge oversight on my part. DUH!

Anyway, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be handy for other Hams if I had a page on my site that offered an online calculator for guy wire placement and/or wind load on a mast?’

I was doing some Google investigations on these topics when I suddenly and unexpectedly heard the abrupt and startling sound of well intentioned ideas hitting the dust (a sound I am more than familiar with!).

Holy Moly, you need an engineering/math degree to solve these! To provide a web based solution for this would require a non-trivial application on par with ElmerCQ. Although embarking on such a project would lead me towards a much deeper knowledge and familiarity of the subject, the enthusiasm to digress down that path, at this moment at least, is nil.

So here is what I will do as a compromise… I will create a new References section on this web site and add two or three links leading to substantial information on the subject.

Seems fair to me!