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The Continuing Saga

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Has it really been that long? I wrote the initial “From the Ground Up” posting back on March 27 and today is June 19th (Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads). Guess what? Yep! You guessed it… I still don’t have an antenna up… Never mind the plans A and B of wire routing, I think I must be on at least plan G of erecting the antenna itself! Although my residence has some HOA restrictions, they are loose enough to allow me to afford a little bit of height more
Jun.19 ’16

The Magic Crystal

Posted by in Nostalgia

I must have been, I don‘t know, between six and eight years old, when I was given what looked like a tiny “rocketship” (I could have sworn mine was yellow). It was probably about half an inch in diameter and about two or three inches long. At the top of the “rocketship”, was a small red ball. Attached to the ball was a thin rod that could be slid in to and out of the top of the “rocketship”. Attached to the bottom of the “rocketship” was a short wire, more
Apr.09 ’16

TMI (Too Much Information)

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It was the best of intentions. It was the worst of intentions… The other day, I was watching a YouTube video where a Ham was erecting an antenna. He was very thorough in his plans and in the video, he even showed his pad of paper where he calculated the correct the correct placement for his guy wires based on height of placement, wind-load factor, distance from the mast, etc. Sheesh! I had never even considered the effect of the wind on a mast – huge oversight on my part. more
Apr.03 ’16


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Contesting. For the life of me, I just don’t get it. I’m trying my best to be open minded here but I honestly don’t see the same glitter everyone else sees. I can understand and appreciate the value of learning the strategies and acquiring the skills that are apparently needed to be successful at contesting – especially as it would apply to emergency communications, but beyond that, what is there? What personal satisfaction does a contester achieve in being able to tell all who are interested that he/she made a more
Apr.02 ’16

From the Ground, Up

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I failed to mention in the Backstory that I only recently relocated. I’ve only been at my present address for, at most, two months. With that being disclosed, you’ll understand more of this journey – i.e. besides my normal 9 to 5 job, much of my available time is spent getting the house organized and set up. I currently have a minimal amount time for Amateur Radio exploits due to the aforementioned scenario, but I am, nonetheless, determined to make Amateur Radio progress! First things first. I need me one more
Mar.27 ’16