Phun with Phonics

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I monitor the airwaves a lot, mostly 2 meters, and I hear all sorts of things.

What I notice mostly, is the rampant abuse of the phonetic alphabet! Take, for example, this QSO – the callsign is imagined, the abuse of the phonetic alphabet is not!:

This is Hawaii Tango 2 Queensland Victor Zanzabar…

I mean… C’mon people! The phonetic alphabet is not that difficult! Compare it with what you had to learn to earn your ticket – its a cakewalk!!

Although we are called “Amateurs”, its no reason to not adopt an heir of professionalism in what we do, is it?

In case you need a reminder, please use this table to brush up on your phonetic alphabet.

A Alpha B Bravo C Charlie
D Delta E Echo F Foxtrot
G Golf H Hotel I India
J Juliet K Kilo L Lima
M Mike N November O Oscar
P Papa Q Quebec R Romeo
S Sierra T Tango U Uniform
V Victor W Whisky X X-Ray
Y Yankee Z Zulu