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20m Beacon Summary

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I intend to edit this page in the near future to add some more supporting information and my thoughts regarding this data, so you might want to return to this page at a later date. Data Processing I imported the CSV export of my 20m DXPlorer beacon data into a MySQL table. While previewing the data table, I observed that although my beacon can only register the first 4 characters of my Maidenhead Gridsquare, most of the beacon data was registering 6 characters of the receiving station’s Maidenhead Gridsquare. I ...read more
Jun.19 ’17


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I discovered WSPR! I was reading an article in the June 2017 issue of the RSGB’s RadCon magazine about the WSPRLite from SotaBeams (http://www.sotabeams.co.uk/wsprlite) and thought, ‘That’s pretty neat… and affordable!’, so I ordered the SotaBeams WSPRLite from DX Engineering. A few days later the WSPRLite arrived. Setting up the WSPRLite was not without some problems. The problems had absolutely nothing to do with the WSPRLite itself or its configuration software but due to: My MacPro was one of the victim MacBooks which can not handle the required SiLabs USB ...read more
Jun.16 ’17