Looking for KJ6SJO? You're in the right place - KJ6SJO is now AI6XB


My New QSL

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As promised, here is a screenshot of the front side of my new QSL design (the reverse side has the usual fill-in QTH and QSO details). ...read more
May.27 ’17

New Name, New Hopes, New Dreams

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As you can tell from the home page, KJ6SJO has a new name! It’s AI6XB!! Talk about the longest day… that was probably the longest two weeks in my life (apart from the cruise to home after a 6+ month WestPac). It took exactly 2 weeks from passing my Amateur Extra exam to the FCC notifying me of my new callsign. Now I am in a flurry of activity to finish my QSL design, update this site’s favicon and update all web locations that know me as KJ6SJO (hope I ...read more
May.21 ’17

Thank you Sam!

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Its time to learn Morse… again… First, a quick history lesson… I’ve been trying to recount how many times I’ve learned morse: Age 12(?) – My big brother was interested in Amateur Radio and so he was teaching me morse. He used index cards with the morse di-dahs written on one side of the card and the alphabetic character on the reverse side. I specifically remember him helping me to remember the letter V. V for victory (to the tune of Beethoven’s 5th symphony). High School – I attended a ...read more
May.09 ’17

The Trials and Tribulations of Success

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It’s time to let the cat out of the bag! I had posted a to-do list earlier and it seems I’ve been keeping a secret… About a day after I wrote that list, I decided that the end of June was too long to wait to take the Amateur Extra exam and that I could theoretically prepare myself in a much shorter time-frame. So that is actually what I’ve been up to for the last 2 weeks… Studying, and studying and then studying. About two hours ago, I went to ...read more
May.06 ’17