Woe Is Me

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Too little time and too much to do… My current Ham Radio to-do list is:

  • Complete my VE (Volunteer Examiner) form. (I’ve taken the test, in pencil, and now need to re-do it in ink before I send it off)
  • Write a Press Release for the ElmerCQ site so that the ARRL “QST” magazine might publish it as a ‘stray’ article
  • Order some longer feed-lines and right-angle adapters for my antenna PL-259/SO-239 connections to the radio
  • Set up a MailChimp campaign to solicit some Elmer participation for the ElmerCQ site
  • Study for the Amateur Extra exam – I’ve given myself a ‘by the end of June’ deadline for winning my next, and final, ticket
  • Re-learn morse for the umpteenth time (I kid you not… umpteen times I’ve done it! My first license was as a Novice when morse was still an exam element)
  • Improve my operator skill with my transceiver (find the buttons/settings faster and without the aid of the manual)
  • Play more with digital modes and my SDR dongle
  • Get an image of my QSL card design onto this computer so that I can share it with my readers
  • Make a decision about the Icom IC-7100 purchase (or possibly investigate a suitable alternative)
  • Get on the air more!