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Solar Lemonade

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Let‘s face it...This is not the best of times for us Hams, thanks to the current solar conditions! Worse still, this is just going to be the way life is for quite a number of years to come.

So, what do we do?

The answer is, ‘Just about anything you can dream of!’

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Apr.30 ’17


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As promised, here is a screenshot of the front side of my QSL design (the reverse side has the usual fill-in QTH and QSO details). ...read more
Apr.08 ’17

You Just Can’t Get the Help These Days

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LOL! My previous posting begins with “Has it really been that long?”, yet here I am again… Has it really been that long? Its been almost 10 months since I last posted an article – I guess I need someone to remind me that I have a blog… Anyway, lets get you up-to-date. I still have some antenna issues. I suppose that is the lament of all amateurs – the antenna is never good enough! Be that as it may, most of the time I sit at the radio asking ...read more
Apr.04 ’17